First languages and the memories that they evoke

Wonderful essay on the influence that our mother tongue has in the way we relate to the world and we remember our lifes.

I’ve become aware of the deep sense in which I belong to the Czech language, as well as the extent to which my formative memories are tinged by its “musical key.” For me, the English phrase “pork with cabbage and dumplings” refers to a concept, the national dish of the Czechs. But hearing the Czech phrase vepřo-knedlo-zelo evokes the fragrance of roasting meat, pillowy dumpling loaves being pulled steaming out of a tall pot and sliced with sewing thread, and the clink of the nice china as the table is dressed for Sunday dinner, the fulcrum of every week.

Fascinating behind the scenes at Google’s autonomous car testing center

It is truly impressive the access that Steven Levy has to everything Google.

I cannot help but wonder how many miles/kilometers of autonomous driving are needed in order to make the systems ready for “public consumption”.

The test-driving program evolved out of the company’s need to log a lot of time driving autonomously. “We had two objectives,” says Chris Urmson, director of the autonomous car program, which is in the process of leaving the Google X research division and becoming a separate Alphabet company. “One was to drive 1,000 miles of interesting roads, and the other was to drive 100,000 miles of roads. At the time, this was 10 times more than anyone had ever driven before with one of these things. We realized we couldn’t just have our developers in the cars all day — we had to get some people to come out and drive them.”

Add to Asana bookmarklet

github-logo-transparentI was missing for a long time a way of adding tasks to Asana from Safari in OS X so I have created and pushed to Github my own bookmarklet based on code previously posted on Stackoverflow.

I know, I know, there is already a Chrome extension available but I don’t like Chrome’s tendency to eat the battery of MBP alive…


Change the World

A really good essay about the status quo of Silicon Valley and the tech industry in San Francisco:

It suddenly occurred to me that the hottest tech start-ups are solving all the problems of being twenty years old, with cash on hand, because that’s who thinks them up.

It strikes me as a bit of a contradiction that in the 21st century all these companies are trying to centralize efforts and move as much employees as possible to their headquarters. Why do not make use of the very same innovations that they are bringing to market, embrace diversity and keep employees in different countries?

On Innovation

In innovation as in any other endeavour, there is talent, there is ingenuity, and there is knowledge. But when all is said and done, what innovation requires is hard, focused, purposeful work.

Peter Drucker (1985)